Environmental sustainability

At Propellershop24 we believe that even a small item has the potential for positive change. Because of this we have taken it upon ourselves to look at our environmental policy and into ways of constantly reducing our CO2 emissions.

We have made many positive steps in making our business more environmentally friendly. We have not reached out targets yet but we are working hard at achieving them.

So far we have achieved the following:

  • all parcels shipped nationally are CO2 neutral
  • our office and webserver are run on green energy
  • all suppliers are requested not to use plastic packaging or filling
  • we do not buy any plastic packaging. In case you receive a parcel with plastic packaging or filling it is because we received it in this condition from the supplier. To help protect the environment we then re-use this packaging to save more wastage
  • we re-use boxes and filling material that have been sent by suppliers. Please do not be surprised if you receive used materials!

Still to do:

  • offer a CO2 compensation plan for international parcels
  • reducing the amount of waste we generate
  • travel to and from events and trade fairs will be climate-neutral thanks to help from a service provider